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The Treasury Department's mission is to develop and implement financially sound practices and policies that guide the City of McAllen and McAllen Public utility in efforts to provide the best and most economical water and sewer services to present and future customers through efficiency, transparency and accountability. The department houses McAllen Public Utility's Director of Finance for Utilities, Treasury Accountant, Procurement Working Supervisor and Procurement Clerk. 

Financial Reporting
In addition to the Treasury Management Department, the Director of Finance for Utilities also provides direct oversight to MPU’s Customer Relations, Utility Billing and Meter Reader departments.


An annual budget is prepared in accordance with State law and City ordinances and policies and is approved by the McAllen Public Utility Board of Trustees.  The budget is primarily used to set rates through estimated costs and forecasting, ensure spending does not exceed revenues; and serves as a guideline driving all activities of the Utility in order to pay for necessary operating and capital costs.  

MPU Budget Cycle



Director of Finance for Utilities

Maria Chavero 

Working Supervisor

Raquel Garza

Treasury Accountant

Valeria Rios

Procurement Clerk

Claudia Rocha

Finacial Operations Group



As stewards of public funds, we are charged with ensuring that monies are spent in accordance with City/MPU ordinances and policies; that they are adequately secured; that there is sufficient liquidity to pay bills timely; and, what’s not needed is adequately invested. The Treasury Management department ensures that money received from sales and property taxes, water, sewer, reclaimed water, sanitation and other fees are spent and invested in accordance with ordinances and policies. We are required to invest with the objectives of keeping the money safe, meeting liquidity needs, earning highest interest possible, and diversifying investment holdings. The Investment Portfolio averages around $460 million. 

Debt Mngmt


Occasionally, the City or MPU will need to seek other sources of funding for major projects. The City will authorize the sale of bonds as an alternative financing source. We are responsible for making sure we comply with the terms of financing such as repaying interest on a timely manner, complying with disclosure requirements, as well as preserving the City’s AA+ credit rating.  


Selected City Staff make purchases paid for with a procurement card (P-card) which is basically a City-issued credit card.  Treasury Management staff verifies and reconciles all P-card purchases. Last year, over $6.8 million was charged using the P-card program with over 22 thousand transactions verified.  


Office Location:

McAllen City Hall

1300 W. Houston Ave.

McAllen, TX  78501


Contact Information:

Phone: (956) 681-1650

Fax: (956) 681-1079

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