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Abstract Water


McAllen Public Utility Wastewater System serves over 200,000 persons per day, which includes the City of Alton. With approximately 41,565 accounts, which includes residential, commercial, and industrial, the WW Systems strives to provide uninterrupted sanitary sewer service at all times. Along with the Water Systems, the WW Systems main objectives are to protect public health, protect the environment, support economic growth and provide quality of life services.

The Wastewater Systems consists of two Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs): North (15 MGD) and South (10 MGD); Wastewater Collection System (WWCS) which consists of: 55 Lift Stations, 8500 manholes, and 570 miles of 6” to 54” of sanitary sewer lines; Pretreatment Program, which consists of sampling over 1000 accounts of restaurants and industrial companies; WW Laboratory which consists of doing all quality assurance and quality control analysis, along with analyzing over 1000 samples per months for the pretreatment program.

With forward thinking the McAllen Public Utility Board has invested over $100 million in projects that will benefit current and future residents & visitors and the environment. The projects range from: eliminating antiquated lift stations and replacing them with new gravity sewer mains; building a Biological Nutrient Removal Wastewater Treatment System known as BNR, the BNR removes nitrates and phosphates, which are nutrients that effect aquatic life; installation of Reclaim Water System, which will not only conserve potable water, but it will be the first reclaim water system in the Rio Grande Valley to provide irrigation for residential lawns.

McAllen Public Utility will continue to invest in its WW Systems that will improve in delivering uninterrupted sanitary sewer services, protect public health, protect the environment, support economic growth and provide quality of life services to the residents, businesses and visitors of McAllen.


The State of Texas requires that all operators possess a valid license of competency issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. (TCEQ) operator that operates a wastewater facility or works with the Wastewater Collection System (Lift Stations) must be licensed. There are four levels of licenses for wastewater treatment plant operators, designated as A, B, C, and D and there are three levels in wastewater collection which are I, II, III. All applicants must have a GED or high school diploma, pass a criminal background check and must pass a state examination within one year of employment to be able to continue to work at a WWTP or a WWCS.

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