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 The Meter Readers and Meter Technicians have two distinct functions but both teams share the responsibility to read every meter in McAllen and provide the best field customer service to the citizens of McAllen.

The Meter Reader Department is divided into two groups, meter readers and meter technicians.

Both groups share two distinct functions but together are responsible for reading all the water meters in the City of McAllen and providing the best customer service at your home or business. Readers and Technicians will gladly answer questions about the water meter and assist you identify leaks on your property, residential or commercial. They will also, assist you locate your shut-off valves outside and inside your home and business.  


Assistant Utility Director, Utility Billing 

Terri Uvalle 

Manager, Meter Readers 

Ricardo Trevino 

Assistant Manager, Meter Readers 

Melecio Orozco 


Their primary function is to read all the water meters within the City of McAllen. The readers capture the readings in a handheld computer that alerts them when the readings are above or below set parameters and prompts them to recheck and re-enter the readings and to make other observations about the location on the spot. On a scheduled basis meter readers also clean the inside and outside of the meter box. However, the glass on the register is cleaned at the time the meter is read.

The City is divided into three sections called cycles. The cycles are divided into smaller sections called books. Each cycle is ten days long and must have all the books read and exceptions verified within those days. Cycle 5 is the area South of Business Hwy 83. Cycle 6 is the area between Business Hwy 83 and Nolana Ave. Cycle 7 is the area north of Nolana Ave.


Their primary function is to provide field customer service as requested by the citizens of McAllen and/or McAllen Public Utility departments. The meter technicians use iPads and wireless technology which allows the information they input into an account to be updated instantaneously when the task is completed. During normal working hours the technicians will come by and initiate or terminate your water service. They will provide general information about your water meter and if requested teach you how to read it and how identify possible water leaks in your buildings and properties. During off hours the stand-by technician will respond to water breaks and no water emergencies.


The Meter Reader Department strives to provide the best customer service for all the citizens of McAllen. One way that allows us to provide that service is with your help.


Please keep your water meter area, alleys and easements clean and free of trash, debris. Trash, plant and tree clippings, construction debris, landscaping or anything that can obstruct our path to the water meter should be placed away from the water meter area. Landscaping by the water meter should not include any thorny plants and bushes as those plants can cause serious injury to you and the meter reader.


Keeping the water meter area clean and accessible is the best practice. In case of an emergency, a McAllen Public Utility employee can quickly and easily reach your water meter and shut it off and in some instances help you avoid some costly water damage repairs.


In case of an emergency, we can quickly locate the meter to turn off or turn on the water.   

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